Hope Beyond An Empty Abyss 

“It was nothing close to perfection, but perhaps an illusion of two lost souls ♥♥”

And so if you could only listen to this and let the words bridge our worlds,maybe you would understand

 I think at times what holds us back and keeps us going is hope..

Hope- that life will be all the illusions we’ve impregnated our minds with,hope that there’s a better tomorrow than yesterday but that hope is not always hope…

  At times what we call hope in life is just the confusion and disarray that clouds our entire perception of what life could be without the illusions.

I think the biggest part of my life has been buried in a wandering spree far away from reality,such that almost everything that happens in reality seems so hostile and cruel.But to snap out of it,I’ve realized that life is what it is – not the utopia conjoined in my mind.

But then funny enough,hope is still hope..Choosing to hold onto things that are better let go or better still, letting go of things that are best not held onto and anticipating for a better tomorrow.

I dunno if that makes sense,but hope is two sided ..just like a penny.

There’s is hope that will build you and there’s hope that will watch you go down the drain.The kind of hope that will build you is that which tells you that -“you should see things just the way they are,no more or less!”Yes,the kind that makes you step out of that clouded illusion and see reality in the kind of dimension it is.

Life is life…yes!It has never changed for anything or for anyone.It will inundate you with so many things and at the same time leave you with nothing …such that the only thing left is an abyss of emptiness and loneliness, but whatever happens always remember that there’s something beyond that ..There’s hope ! And beyond hope,there is you.A you that could pull out of anything stronger and taller ; just don’t let anything or anyone hold you down.






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