Dusk will find me Home!

Hearing you say that almost drew me to wishing my ears were deaf ,

But how ?How is it that time changes the people who once made us feel safe?

The innocent sweet smile I had always known,

Or perhaps it’s what you intended for me to believe all along..

And so,now that you’re gone

I want you to know that its not always that hard to move on-

Your leaving changed nothing ;

The stars still shine bright

Into the dark night,

The moon still comes out without a doubt,

And the sun is still high up inthe sky,waiting for another day to dawn..

Yes,so simple life moves on…

The crickets in the moonlight still resound an African night-

And though my eyes still burn red,I’ve realized life is a journey I’m ready to tread on

So don’t ever think you left me broken!Maybe cracked,bent..but never broken because such breaking power does not lie in your hands..

I will still smile..I will walk another extra mile even without you because life  is too long to be short and too short to be long…

My ship will still sail headed north,

Yes! I never lose my way because life made you a passerby to show me the way I needed to reach my destination.. And I’m not far off from home,

From a distance I can hear the joyful noises of children and the smoke I see right near the shores is a sign enough that I’m almost home..

So don’t expect me to sink just because I don’t know how to steer a ship ..yes,maybe you forgot I can still swim and find my way north ..It doesnt matter if I walk,crawl or fly… Dusk will find me home….!





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