I really wanted to understand what life is,so I took a walk down the memory lane…The memories you and I have held.

A mile down the road,I met a few children playing .”So cheerful “,I thought and smiled as i  looked in admiration.They didn’t seem to worry about anything and everything at large.So I kept walking..

    ” Hey you better watch it,nobody walks around here at this hour“,somebody murmured as I struggled to see his face in the dim light .I was taken aback, ” How come the world has become so cruel that people can’t walk feeling safe anymore?”I thought to myself but before I could answer it all in my head,I heard a hollow scream,that of a woman and as I turned to the man who’d talked to me earlier,he was nowhere to be seen ; he’d fled …then later on I understood that the streets were not safe for anyone at night.Night had become the hour for robbery, rape,murder and all the other likes of such…

      I took shelter in an abandoned street,I wasn’t alone.Dirty,hungry and unkempt children and mothers took shelter there too.I wanted to understand how it is that a person could eat to their full and throw away yet someone else slept hungry..I wanted to understand how one could live in a house fitted with heaters yet a two year old could sleep on cold ground without any warmth on them -tattered clothes.

   Sleeping in such a place made me wake up so early,such an environment wasn’t fit for any human.As I continued pacing down the road,I caught up with a few merchants, then I understood that successful people never sleep when the world is asleep..

Another day was here,i hadn’t exhausted because I really wanted to understand what life is.I had walked over ten miles now.I headed another road where I had seen every young person venture into.Down that road I saw young jovial people walk in clusters,others in pairs.

I stopped to ask,because I really wanted to know why they all looked so happy.

Yes,this is the road called love ♥” a pair answered.I wanted to understand what about love makes people flash with such happiness, but before I could – a young Dame walked right past me and whispered 

You must find love in yourself before you find it in others”- I understood what that meant ; finding your own person of interest in you and falling in love completely .

Though I had fathomed that out,I still wanted to know more from that dame ,so I followed right behind her as she led me through lanes and streets of  heartbreaks ,pain,hatred,betrayal, revenge…

” look!”the dame pointed .It was a young girl,probably in her teenage.

Her face covered in tears,it had taken a lot of persuasion for her to look up at us.Her eyes spoke immense pain…she must have been deeply hurt..

“What happened to you?” I sat right next to her.

“He was all I ever had…” She begun..”He promised he’d stay when everyone left,I trusted him only to have him trample me under his foot because he found someone new…”She started crying before she could even finish.

Then now it came rushing in to me,that the people we trust most could break us so bad with betrayal.I could almost feel the pain in her voice as she told her story – then I understood that there’s more to love than the happiness .People we love can still hurt us and shut us from their lives without a pinch of a feeling .People we call our own could still leave us behind and move on with their lives,but once, somebody told me that “we lose nobody,because we own no one”…

But still,I wanted to understand how people could work things out and look so cute together,so admirable.. Then I understood that there’s a difference between a lesson and a soulmate and when you find a soulmate ,you never struggle staying in love.

I kept walking down this road  till I was beckoned by the laughter of old women,probably in their sixties sitting on a bench engrossed in a chit chat.I wanted to understand how they could still look so happy,yet so old while most young people were out there looking so miserable and lost .

I asked one of them if she was still married.” Of course,my old man billy is at home looking for new ways to win my heart every single day” she said and fell back in laughter

I wanted to understand how such old people could still show so much love for their spouses even after so many years.Then guess what one of them said ?

Because people in the 50’s knew how to repair things when they’re broken,not throw them away.You children of the 90’s give up so easily” 

Then now I understood, that life is a matter of mending relationships ,making things work out and above all appreciating every single thing life brings our way ..

I understood life is a two sided penny,it has ups and downs..good and bad..bolts and nuts..prons and cons…

And so I could walk and walk,but never fully exhaust what life is…but my walk down that memory lane made me understood things I wanted to learn…

Life is life!




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