Sometimes people have pushed us,just right next to where every plastic bag drifting through air would be -at the edge ,and we just dunno whether to jump off or hang in there till we can get rescue.But,just so you know ;you were born a fighter,a conqueror, a person who can rise taller than any skyscraper.

Not every wind means storm,not every storm means rain and not every rain means a hurricane .

We break apart and times our worlds come tumbling down,but we must always rise and soar higher .Every accident and incident in life is meant to strengthen us.People have gotten maimed, but for those who know what it means to never give up never fall back in defeat .

The greatest tragedy in life is not death..but life,a life that fails to fulfill its purpose and potential”

If life has put you through hell and brought you back,then you can be sure as heaven that not every accident means death .

Some accidents are there to remind you that life has got bumps and traffic lights.There times when you’ll have to stop and wait,as every passenger crosses and there are times they’ll have to stop and watch you drive past.

Yes,that’s how life is.People will walk right into your life and you’ll be needed to remember that you need to use that “stop sign” and watch as the timer ticks.Then you’ll know when its safe to trust that the road is clear for you.


        Driving into fog

It’s not always that the road will be clear ,there are times you will be fogbound but that doesn’t mean you can’t drive right past that.Its rather you be slow and sure than let life stop because you’re scared.fear has never made anyone a warrior,always remember you’re a warrior ….You can do anything only if you believe .


 Then at the end of it all,,the sun will still shine bright.You’ll find light at the end of that tunnel- and when in that dark tunnel,however tangible the darkness is,always rub the ends of that tunnel to make it light.

I’ve grown up feeling like I appreciate people more than they appreciate me but that hasn’t changed who I am.In whatever way you can,always make someone feel like they matter – it doesn’t have to be reciprocated .That is who you are and at some point in life you’ll realize that there’s more blessing in giving than  receiving.

Never let the society make you feel less of who you are because no matter what you do,there’ll always be someone somewhere thinking you’re either doing it right or wrong ; however much you think you’re right…

Society will want to see you down trodden,but hey! You’re a fighter..stand a little taller when everyone seems to think you’re weak.Soar higher when they call you a failure and a loser ; and remember that men of all times are not remembered for how many times they won,but by how many times they failed and kept trying till they got their breakthrough.

Soon enough you will realize that accepting and appreciating life the way it turns out to be will do more you good than live you bitter…storms will come your way,tides will rise too but…..every storm soon runs out of rain!



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