Emanating self love

Growing up has given me so much to look back at.

I remember growing up struggling with self esteem issues- not feeling good enough,people didn’t appreciate me the way I wanted them to and such .

I’ve had those phases in life where I had to start putting on make up,just to feel appreciated and for people to like my physical appearance but, later on in life I learnt that the only person who can make me feel appreciated is ME.

My self esteem was so bald that I personally think I ended up in relationships for the wrong reasons ;- I easily got attached to people who could notice my beauty .But,growing up and loving the whole person I am has made me realize that the only person who can love me for who I am and what I do,is ME.

I also remember struggling with feelings of rejection and such.My depressions got deep that not once I tried contemplating suicide.I always felt like I was trying so hard to be a part of people who didn’t want to be a part of me.But then,I  look back and smile because I see myself as a strong damsel to go through all that and come out strong .

Learning to appreciate the beauty in others made me love who I am.I no longer need to put on makeup to feel appreciated, because loving myself so fiercely today has made me realize that nobody can do it better than I can.

Changing the whole negative image about yourself can really build the person you are. 


Stop feeling like an empty shell of yourself.There’s absolutely nothing wrong about you.You’re amazing just the way you are.Don’t forget you’re so unique,and worth all the beauty and love life can offer.

Stop trying to look for love in other people,find it in yourself first and when you do,love yourself so fiercely that when other people come into your life they’ll know how to do it.

Don’t let hurtful words turnish the whole person that you are – you’re worth more than they think.Don’t let yourself be validated by the idea of other people about you .

Whatever it is,always remember that you’re worth diamonds …not dimes and pennies.Don’t let people trample you underfoot or underestimate you because of your weaknesses – make your weakness a strength.If you’re looking for someone to love and appreciate you then,let that person be you….

Life is supposed to feel good.. Its too short and you only live once.

Give yourself a chance and live life like never before ….

      You are worth !!!



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