Dear sweet self ,

There are times I won’t be around when you need someone to talk to you,perhaps I’ll have grown weary and numb from all the feelings I hold inside but there are a couple of things I want you to keep with you so that you’ll always remember.

Whenever you feel like your world is tumbling down and you think nobody understands what you’re going through – always go out when the galaxy is countlessly blinking and shining so bright then count as many stars as you can and at the back of your mind ;remember I told you that so many people out there,more than you can count have fivefold countless  problems than you but they still shine bright no matter what they’re going through .And after you’ve done that ,I want you to always smile and know you can still shine however deep your world is tumbling….

As you pace to and fro this journey called life ; you’ll meet so many people.Each one plays a role.Many will want to trample you underfoot so that you don’t see another day dawn right before your eyes and some will want to hold your hand till you reach your destination. You’ll come across paths called betrayal,heartbreaks and pain but no matter how many times you’ll be broken,remember I said that – its all a matter of time and you’ll heal.Time is a master healer and scars remain to remind you that the past is real and you survived …

Many a times things will be out of control,you’ll find yourself hurting…crying …and even cursing but whatever it is – remember I told you that pain is part of the natural process.Cry ,scream,laugh -if you have to,but always let out whatever is eating you up inside.Don’t hold anything inside ; spit it out and in the end you’ll always feel better ….

So many people won’t be nice to you but I want you to always surround yourself with people who matter,make you laugh and at large build you.That way,it will be easy for you to ignore the negative influence of people who want to pull you down.The world is a hostile place and the ride is worthwhile with good friends,they’ll always pull you up no matter how down you are..

There are also times people will wrong you,but I want you to always try as much as you can to forgive them.Don’t let their wrongs be carried in your heart,it will only cause you pain .I know its not going to be easy forgetting what they did,but atleast forgive and move on.And when you wrong others,always ask for forgiveness, that way,it will create a peaceful coexistence.

 And lastly dear,there are times you’ll feel butterflies fill up your tummy when he walks by…your face may flash pink and your heart may race faster – that is called love.Yes! There are times you’ll find yourself falling in love,but lemme tell you; its not always going to be easy .At first,its going to be beautiful then as times passes on – fights and arguments will come in.You may find yourself crying and all,but if it doesn’t feel right – always walk away..perhaps its not meant to be but if you feel like he’s your heaven,fight for it.Even though,love is not meant to hurt.Don’t hold on if all it feels like is pain.

Always remember you’re worth so much,that you’re so beautiful and your value is priceless.. Don’t ever let anyone take you for granted and I write this to you because only I knows your inner feelings .

I write to you because I know all your instincts and all that you go through .so whatever happens,remember everything I have written to you and always follow my advice.I will always love you to pieces !! ♥

                          Yours loving ,

                     Invincible Heart ♥.



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