It suns no more..

You lied,not once..not twice

But I still ‘believed’ you even when you lied thrice..

You’d come home late,always with an excuse in hand 

And all that I did withstand ..

Hoping and wishing you would soon change ,little did I know you were getting too comfortable in your zone

And on,this went for so long..

You lied ,I went to bed and cried…

But maybe I should tell you,

That right from the start I knew..

Your lies were so bald but I still held on waiting for you to turn around 

And come home,,but you never changed .

I held on because I believed in this godamned thing called love ♥

And I could never allow you to change my beliefs ….

But…you took advantage of the fact that my kindness was my weakness …so now that I’m leaving, hope one day you’ll realize that the sun don’t shine everyday…

You were my sunshine once ,but wait till rain starts pouring down on you then you’ll start missing the sunshine…

And I won’t be anywhere around…

You’ll wish I was there to believe your everyday lies,

You’ll wish the world was operating right from the remote in your hand 

But till then,that’s when you’ll realize that ….you never know what you got till its gone….

#never take anyone for granted .


17 Replies to “It suns no more..”

      1. Humans are kind of set up in an odd way at times. I’m sat on a bench by the river with a mellow smile on my face and this guy just walked up to me and started to tell me about a bad experience he’d just had in a restaurant he’d just been in. Nice chap, you know – but I’m not sure what he wanted me to do about it. Anyway, I just told him that life’s like that sometimes and he said ‘thanks’ and ambled in.
        Life! (smiling)

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      2. It actually feels amazing talking to someone who’s on some other time zone,,interesting !!
        Kenya is great ,,,though right now its some cold season …like really cold …so I have to keep warm all through,but its really beautiful out here….

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      3. really went Missing..buh I’m all good… Monday and Tuesday are two conjoined boring days for me I tell you…been up on movies and sleep
        You?? How’s it coming through for you?

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