Life from a toddler’s point of view..

Life got me thinking about how many times it has had us fall.Its countless!And probably, there’s still a couple of falls and traps   left.

Then guess what clicked to my mind ? One of the most abused statements of all time ; Never give up!

 But for the first time in my life,that statement doesn’t feel so vain.It has such a great magnitude that any other person who’s been to hell and back will surely know what it means.So today,I felt like telling somebody the same – never give up !

Truth is ; its going to be tough and hard,you’ll want to let go and probably watch yourself go down to drain BUT I’m telling you this now,- YOU WILL MAKE IT

Just because nobody knows what you’re going through doesn’t mean you should give up. Most likely,even if they knew what you’re going through – most of them wouldn’t help.Perhaps they’d give you those pitiful cat eyes! And nothing hurts as sharing your problems with someone who wouldn’t do anything to help .

You need to understand that there’s only one person,and that is you who can make the difference in all of it.You need to understand that nobody else can be alive for you and so no matter how many times you break up with people ,YOU MUST NEVER EVER BREAK UP WITH YOURSELF!!!

The most profound relationship you can ever have is the one you have with yourself and that’s why you must never give up.

Bearing in mind what babies have to go through in order to learn how to walk- I think it takes such strength and determination to make faltering steps in order to learn how to be firm.A toddler will fall so many times as they learn how to walk,but they always rise again …and still fall,probably get angry at themselves for not doing it right but at the end of it all,they learn how to walk.That’s what I call perseverance!

Many atimes you’ll get angry at the world,at yourself and feel like things aint going your way,but that is never a reason enough to give up.Take time and learn from that toddler who’s still learning how to stand and make the first faltering steps of their life…then take a lesson home with you! That you must never ever give up on yourself no matter what.

Assuming that toddler didn’t have that fighting spirit ,what do you think would happen ?? Or better still lemme put it this way ; you were once a toddler,assuming you had given up learning how to walk simply because you fell many times,would you even stand at your feet right now??? for thought !!

You’re the one person who’s the center of your life ..and right at that center,there is God.However difficult it is,let God handle the situation and do your part.

 Yes! So today I’m also using one of the most abused statements of all time – NEVER GIVE UP,especially on yourself !



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