Don’t look back..

When you‘ve worked so hard to stand on your feet,never go back to the people who broke you

Yes! Someone once said people come and go – which I believe is true,and the cycle keeps going .But the funny part of it all,is that at times when these people go – they leave us hanging on a straw. Then guess what? Just when you’ve learned to live without them,and you’re back to looking hot and stuff :- perfect body,nice looks…they show up again claiming how sorry they are.

But now,listen up!! 

These people left you completely broken.Remember how you begged for him to stay when he said he found someone new?

 Remember how you cried yourself to slumber,hand over mouth and the other one placed on your chest or stomach because it all hurt??

Remember the many hours you spent locked up in your apartment lying on the floor because nothing was making sense?? 

Yes!! That was you,BREAKING APART and that was your BREAKING POINT!!

PAIN drowned you..!

All because you trusted them so much when they made those promises – that they’ll never leave you and such..but now,they’re gone and now that you’ve finally moved on,they want you back in their lives..

Who do they think they are?? That they can walk in and out of your life whenever they please?!

Well,its time to let them know that they messed up real bad and there’s no apology for that!! They walked out on you when you needed them most!

However much you’ve forgiven them and let go,don’t you ever feel sorry for them enough to let them back into your life.One word is MOVE ON AND DON’T LOOK BACK!!

They left you not because you’re bad,you did nothing wrong..all you ever did was love and care for them while they stepped on you like you didnt even matter…

Let them remain in your past,life’s ahead of you.You’ve moved on now and there’s no looking back,not for anyone or anything.Its time you learnt your self worth and let nobody take you for granted.

Never put your life on the line for anyone,unless its you!

If they left you,let them go too.!!

Its time to move on.DONT YOU DARE LOOK BACK!!!



  1. Yes once someone leaves you, without a care how you will feel or manage, that means that person,”Does not Care for you” He or she cannot suddenly feel again for a person that they once lost interest. Yes unless you become better off and doing well and looking much better. Once the trust is broken its like a crack in the mirror it can never put to the original status again. When it’s over it is Over and anyone need to move on with their lives, taking only the experiences of the past so that you don’t make the same mistakes again. Love and Light from me 🙂

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