Discarded experiment..

If I had your words to cherish forever with your entire self,then maybe I would stay a little longer but since it seems like I’m the only one trying then I’m glad that it was there while it lasted.

Thanks for pretending you cared,yoh such a good actor and I’m elated that i was the one who discovered you – maybe I’ll get some credit for that.

So by now you should get that I’m leaving and by now I’m sure I’ll be far gone.Thanks baby,thanks a  million !!

You made me wake up and open my eyes and see that no matter how hard we try there are people who won’t ever care…

Yeah ..I cried just a little when I felt you were letting go

 but as days go by..daylight reigns and is defeated by darkness every 12 hours, the 13th hour was created for my mourning in its own way ,,for you broke my heart and it feels as though I can’t do anything about it.

As we grow older being with you will always teach me a lesson and even if you leave before me – heaven’s gates are open. 

You were my mirror staring back at me…

I tried Leaving you but I kept on being pulled back – something told me that I needed you

But this time I’m gonna Leave this town..Its time I face it and I’m not backing down

Yes,it feels good finally being me..being true and not being used…

As I step back from the edge,facing my fears ,living each and everyday without that dreading feeling of despair ,remorse – away from you and the beautiful things you do …I’m gonna say it again  thanks for pretending you cared.!!

You’re such a good liar – top of the food chain darling ..!

But in the end it was good and when I finally realized this was all but a joke, I knew right then…

I must have been to hell and back

My eyes were on fire,my heart was broken and bleeding but it was fun and fine while it lasted…

Now I ain’t that ignorant or naive,up and about,I’m ready to go on..but I gotta ask….;

How it…how does it feel? Knowing you left me not even half of what I am just ’cause i believed all that you said??

 I should have known…I was nothing to you..Now I’m something…

I’m your discarded experiment!!!

So Long….!! Its time for me to go…


Author: Unspoken spree

Silent whispers

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