So I’m woken up by Wednesday knocking hard on my window to inundate me with another of  life’s boring days. 

I’m up on a low note actually, so I tune into my favorite radio station – its loud enough …and just a thought crosses my mind that at times when you feeling low and its nothing you can explain to anyone, I mean its just a feeling you know *rolling eyes*,try do something you love.It could help a whole lot.pro’ly that’s why I’m up on some bit of loud music and blogging and hope the sun sets when I’m all smiles…life’s too short you know..

Anyway,that wasn’t important for today.Here’s what is :


Many atimes and probably most of the times – we lay up so many expectations in people and then we get disappointed when they don’t live up to them ,but here’s the thing

Don’t get disappointed when people let you down,blame yourself for trusting them.

Beings are vixens and if you are going to put your expectations in anyone..let it be you!

Live your life..if you involve other people,it gets complicated and hey life ain’t complicated- people are…so save your skin and skip this trust thing..

But even if people let you down,let your expectations not change in life but the thing is,,,don’t put your expectations in people…dunno if that makes sense – not putting expectations in people but rather putting expectations in life…! Yaaas it really does…

Oh! Before I forget – a smile…yes!

Looking at this friend of mine smile so broadly was enough to get my morning lit today..that smile is genuine – you could almost think his life goes full throttle on a smooth path but hey!Smile,not because you’re happy but do it always…However life is,there’s definitely one thing to be glad about no matter how small it is…

Its a great day ahead folks!!


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