So today’s been a series of quite a number of happenings but something rather unusual,(well for me it is unusual) happened.

Perhaps I was on the fault but either way,now that I have time – I’m gonna share it.Maybe lately i’ve been stressing from my own personal issues that the energy may have emanated from me…

Anyway…i hate doing dishes – something most of us hate doing.So I asked my younger brother (around 12 years) to do the dishes for me then I left home.An hour later I come back and find the dishes on the sink – just as I had left them.Then guess what happens?? I get so angry..I actually lose it all,yell and hit him ..yeah yeah – I know I shouldn’t have…its just dishes after all….

So,what was actually unusual for me is the fact that i yelled.I hardly yell at people no matter how angry I am – then just right then sense reasserts itself and I realize I’m wrong…I cool down and now I start thinking about the whole thing…Then in the long run,I remember something I learnt from an old friend Davy ..-the pause!

 Model : Echra Likes

Photography:DK Macharia

 The pause – its a phenomenon that every time you feel like things are outta control,just pause…for ten seconds or so,breathe in and let go of whatever it is ..

So now that I’m so calm and reason has reasserted itself to me- I wanna share the same …

When you feel like things are going wrong,

When you think or feel like you’re going to snap,

When you dunno whether to trust or doubt,

When everything is just out of control ,


Take a breath,ten seconds or so…and then think again…and there you go – Twill be just okay…

So now…I also hope I’m going to practice the pause…! just to remind me that nothing is permanent and that its going to be just okay 



  1. Well we are all human. We do lose our temper from time to time. Its good to let out our steam once in a way, without harming another. Its when you grow older you learn to be patient. I used to get angry with the children that was normal and used to correct them, even now even if they are older. Pause also another word for Patience and you can develop it by meditation too. Its not just sitting in one place only. You can discipline yourself to keep calm. If we know to control ourselves in all ways and build on it as we grow older then we can become calm and peaceful to have a content life. Happy pausing 🙂 ❤

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