Connecting threads…Encounters!!

Really important meetings are planned by souls long before the bodies see each other.

These meetings occur when we reach a limit,when we need to die and be reborn emotinally .They’re waiting for us but more often than not,we avoid them happening. If we’re desperate though, if we have nothing to lose or if we’re full of enthusiasm for life then the unknown reveals itself and our universe changes direction .

And everyone without exception needs to burn the bonfire of past emotions, to relieve certain joys and griefs,certain ups and downs until they can see the CONNECTING THREAD  that exists behind each NEW ENCOUNTER- because there’s a connecting thread “.

Life never gets any less interesting- how we just bump into people we dunno and then just outta nowhere they become a part of us…I find that really interesting.

Gladly,these encounters have found me at a point in life where I really needed a shoulder to lean on…where I needed to experience something new  

Yaaas!! So thinking about all these ; the new and amazing people I have in my life right now – I remembered one of my favourite games pinball ♥.Yes! As old as that game is,I’m still stuck on it… And so I felt like life’s becoming a reality kind of pinball game…

Wanna know the most interesting part of it ?? The shooting ball in my gun matches every ball that comes rushing in- that definitely means a win!

Yeah,,so I’m at that point in my life where most people I run into match the colour of the ball in my gun…that means alot to me..

I love new encounters and I have this bottom of my heart that treasures every bit of them ….So,if you’re in my life right now – I wanna let you know that yoh the best gift life can ever offer…and I’m glad you came!!!!

Yes!! That’s the connecting thread….!!♥And at times its an emotion chosen by the soul – its so intense that it can infect everything and everyone around….


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