There’s a kind of serenity in accepting life’s nature,

Learning not to question happenings

To hold back tears other than to ask why

To let life take its course than hatching our wishes before they’re laid…

There’s a constant reminder in learning from past mistakes,

A treasure in keeping old memories

An optimism in overlooking life’s failures,

To see hope in despair and to look beyond the horizon of dark clouds…

There’s a strength in realising one’s worth,

To fly into the rain when it storms,every storm soon runs out of rain too..

To take a firm cling onto the twig when hurricanes come

To hold onto wrecked parts of the ship and refuse to drown when everyone sinks…

There’s a kind of healing in letting go of the past

Though it may hurt but each tear makes u wiser than before – its one that teaches to be strong and to face every situation with a smile….


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