Sorry is part of his plan..

Those same words,i heard them

That same heartbeat,I heard it pound

Those same lyrics,I heard them play

And that’s why I ain’t afraid of hearing you say them again…

They call it karma,we’ll see it come around but till then ,remember I don’t forget…

I crammed those same words

I brailed out the letters,so I know how they feel

I know their comfort and soothe,the lullaby they sing to a wounded heart buh often we forget, they’re just empty words..

Often we forget,promises are meant to be broken

Debts are meant not to be paid

And people are meant to come and go..

But just remember, i don’t forget..

I remember the frail beating of that heart,times slow and then all of a sudden fast

The freckles that fill up the skin

The butterflies one gets,yes! I remember it all,because I know how it feels to be there…

And then when the world comes tumbling down,I know the sound of that crack,the loud drops of a bleeding heart  ,the fiery heat of crying eyes and The sudden shutter of a broken mirror…

Yes,I don’t forget

I’ve been there – I know the excitement and the pain too

And that’s why I simply don’t forget…but however much you think he loves you,always remember I told you that sorry is part of his plan ….!!


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