You’ve been made a remnant for a reason”

A story is told of a boy and his father.The love between the two was so immense .His father meant his world and he trusted his father more than anyone.

So one day,the father took the boy outside their house and asked him

‘my son,do you trust me?’

The boy so certain answered ‘but father,you know I trust you more than anything’

The father seeing the magnitude of his Son’s trust decided to put him to test.

“My son,if you trust me enough as you say I want you to climb up the roof of our house”

The boy was startled but out of the trust he had in his father,he climbed up the roof.

Then the father went on…‘Now that you’re up the roof,I want you to jump’

Of course the boy was scared.I mean,how could his father ask him to jump off the rood yet he knew it was dangerous?

The father seeing how his son was terrified ,assured him that he’d catch him when he jumped off the roof.

The son now sighed in relief knowing his father would catch him and he wouldn’t get hurt.Of course he trusted his father …

So the son having cleared all his doubts,worries and uncertainties decided to jump..

To his horror,just when he jumped,his father moved an inch away from catching his son….!!The boy fell and was so badly injured ..

He cried and cursed .He felt so betrayed and thought to himself,‘How can my own father do this to me??He promised to catch me so that I wouldn’t hurt ?!”

The father seeing how bad his actions had hurt his son went close to him,looked into his eyes and said,“My son,in this life you can never trust anyone…not even your father.Put all your trust in God.

The reason why I let you fall is because I wanted you to learn that in this life people will let you down so many times .You can’t trust any of them .Trust God with your all”

And now as much as the son was so hurt, he understood his fathers actions and learnt whatever moral his father had intended .


Yes…In life you have to learn to trust in God,however hard it is…He says in His word – ‘lean not on your own understanding but in everything put your trust in God.’

Have a blessed Sunday…!!


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