Karma watches!

Never allow hatred to take the place of love…

Truth is,so many people will take you for granted and trample you underfoot – you’ll get disappointed and betrayed …but,,, as much as you can… Don’t let it take the best of you…

just because I do not snap doesn’t mean I don’t notice…

Just because you call me names in my silence doesn’t mean I’m dumb..

Just because I don’t ride into every argument you invite me doesn’t mean I’m stupid…thing is, I don’t wanna look like the fool..
Just because you hit me and I don’t hit back doesn’t mean I’m weak..

And just because I take all these in doesn’t mean I have no feelings… I’m human too..I’m just waiting on your karma,And the time I’ll hit you back with all the disrespectful things you do to me…but funny enough,people get so angry at you when you treat them the same way they treat you,don’t you think? How ironic?!

Yes..Karma is a bitch…she is loyal AF but she ain’t got no friends…!!She rides solo ’cause nobody can handle her ….!! 



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