Dos ‘and Dont’s of life..

​Learn to so round yourself with people who matter…people you can spend hours and hours talking to and never get bored..

Focus on the positive energy and let go of that extra shit…
And lastly ,never forget who you are…and where you come from 🙂
Don’t stress too much for nothing, nothing is ever that serious…and life is a puzzle everyone has to suss out…

Stop complicating things by tryna have them work out your way….just relax,breathe in,breathe out….and let that serenity sink in you…

Don’t rush anything… Let life happen..

Whatever is real will reveal itself and whatever is true and yours, will find you.

If one thing doesn’t work out,try out another…maybe you’re doing it wrong… Or you just ain’t patient enough..

Take your time and let everything fall into place …Don’t burn your bridges by tryna light the path ahead of you…let Morning find you and shine It’s glory for you…

Don’t turn your tables if you can’t handle the weight they bear…

Let the lessons you learn along your way guide you home… And above all,never forget who you are and where you come from 🙂


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