So did you ever think I’ll never make it out alive??

When you left me suffocated and choking in tears??when you pushed me to the edge and swung it right on my face that I was a loser ?

Well… What you never told me is that pain would have made me this strong… I remember clinging onto almost nothing because there was nothing to grab,just coz I held on too tight…but now,I learnt to put the light back into my eyes…oh yes!my eyes must have been on fire…but now,I gotta ask;

who do you think you are running round leaving scars,collecting your jar of hearts,tearing love apart?


And then someone else whispered that each tear has a lesson.. Makes you wiser than you know- makes you stronger than before….

But right after that I understood that what doesn’t kill me only makes me stronger…


There is strength in being broken…there is consolation in being lonely but only if,you allow yourself to be conformed and transformed by those two…

And then later on you realise that there exists a kind of interconnection in all those souls who’ve had to go through almost the same ordeals  …because people like us gotta stick together and keep it at the back of our minds that nothing lasts forever… And when all that sinks in,its easier to walk with our heads held up high…. 


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