Dance our tears away !!

I think at times it should hurt..because that’s what letting go is all bouh…keeping yohself in that ache till you pull outta it stronger… Let the pain consume you till the only thing left’s a void…so hollow that it won’t hurt no more.
Life’s one bitch..that will leave you crawling ..but then everyone got that breaking point…get broken till you can’t break no more…but maybe we’re just bent…not really broken…making a couple of faltering steps here and there..

Well..I think we risk everything..It is a risk living – literally because nobody knows what tomorrow brings. We risk loving,getting hurt…and that’s the beauty of it all.Letting ourselves be vanquished by the uncertainties that come with every single day.

We almost risk for everything to be something and it is only through such faltering steps that life gets to teach us some of the things mama never taught us.

Mama never taught me that someday I’d get hurt- but only because she was busy loving me..

Mama always dashed in at the slightest sound of a cry..but she never told me that someday I’d be crying hand over mouth without anyone telling me that it would be okay ..

Mama was one selfless person I knew..but treading on this road has made me know how selfish people can get…and that’s not even the half of it – because life has been one hard nut to crack and myriads of unanswered questions everyday…

But well “Iron sharpens iron ”,they say.. And that’s true..There are some of these things you have to learn on your own… Make faltering steps and know that tomorrow will be a better day…

There are times you’ll make a step …and fall..then hurt a knee..but well,there’s also this part of  you getting up and literally holding onto anything that comes your way for you to make another faltering step..

Yeah,because that’s the beauty of it all…Life’s a trail of broken hearts and happiness too… And half of that is what makes every moment worth living.. Because… We sort of live on a stair case that keeps changing… Its probably spiral at some point and before you check where you’re standing,its something else – makes it interesting to know that you don’t have to step onto the same case everytime…because there’s something different at each one of it…

JUST BREAK TILL YOU CANT break no MORE,and when all that is over tell yourself that you can mount onto anything and cross over because you are exceedingly strong…!! Every single faltering step of your life makes you who you are today and tomorrow…. 🙂


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