Prioritizing the ‘you’..

Don’t you ever prioritize anyone who makes you their second option..You are a priority, not a choice!!

If they dunno what you’re worth,then sure as hell they don’t deserve you..!!Anyone who makes you feel hollow and less of yourself is not worth being a place holder in your life..

There are times you have to put yourself right before anyone else and yes!! As selfish as that sounds,I’m gonna say it again ; you gotta learn to put yourself right before anyone…!!

Never compromise your happiness for people who’d do so little for you..Never bend so low as to tie their laces while they’d push you hard to the cold ground and hurt you…yes!!just never give anyone the opportunity to take your position in your own life…You are you and you simply can’t trade that place for anything…

You are worth… That’s all you need to know – and nobody should ever take that away from you 🙂


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