Love is a majesty of its kind..

God knows how many times she must have died before she could live again…

And everytime she cleaned up her wounds of betrayal and disappointments..she’d soon forget and walk right through the same glasses that pricked her legs…but on and on she walked..her trail of bloody footsteps right behind her..

Left in a world where the only stench she knew was the smell of death..emotional death..and if people’s hearts become cold like ice hers must have been an iceberg…and she’d cough so painfully out of the ice inside her heart..

But because he was right there watching her sail across pacifics of pain and death,he held onto the faith that nothing is too great than love…anything else could be crushed right before the majesty of love…

He had seen great and mighty people fall…kings bow before queens..of course he knew what love could crushes right through icebergs …it wrecks the world’s largest Titanics …

He had read stories – romeo and Juliet,of course the world’s known lovestory of all who could stand in the way of his belief ?? But she too held onto the faith that she needed not die again 😦

But when Cupid’s arrow went right through her chest…she understood the magnitude of this kind of thing..the fire that burns through souls meant …the unfulfillable desire of yearning for more and the life that comes with it…then she finally understood that, there is life in love…and there is love in life..

 And the only time love kills us is when we go out of our way to stick our heads for people who’d push us right to an oncoming train,but then…love gives us life when we allow ourselves to be vanquished by the desire of wanting to live each single day with the hope of loving and believing that there’s something beautiful in placing our uncertainties right in the pockets of our reaped jeans..that way We’d be less insecure..


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