snowdrops always bloom…


sometimes when you realize that the past holds no key to your future,there is only one word for it….move on and dont look back!

often doors close in our lives  and many atimes we spend a lifetime looking onto the closed door.when one door closes another opens leading to a better stairway.

Everything happens for a reason and nothing lasts an eternity so its better to live as if tomorrow would write a book of all our moments.DONT get too tied to the sorrow of yesterday,life is ahead of you.DONT  spend too much time crying over bygones,better things await you because its not until you let go that your arms will open and learn to accept everything life has to offer.

ALLOW yourself to learn through every encounter because if we dont meet people we would never know how it feels to be happy,to be loved,to be hurt and betrayed…and at long last we learn to understand the nature that people come and go….!!!
















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