Life waits for nobody…

Dont waste time saving a spot…because life waits for nobody ”

I wasn’t sure how true that was until it hit me of how many times we spent days,months and probably years waiting on people…funny how time makes us his slave don’t you think??- that we’d spend years knowing that times sorts out all our mess…like all our lives revolve around time…

And when you hear the clock tick on and on…you know time ain’t by your side – how mean ? That time would make us his slave yet never wait on any of us ..yes!! Simply because life waits for nobody…So don’t waste time either trying to save a spot for someone..or yourself either..

Procrastinate nothing… The clock will keep on ticking..Do it when you still got time…leave no room for it while the sun still shines because dusk is a corrupt hour…

“Make hay while the sun shines”

Life will never and was never about to wait on anyone…don’t save a spot either..!!!



  1. True life doesn’t wait for anything, but on somethings we need to be patient too. When there are lifetimes decisions we need to wait to take time to think. When how ever much we try and nothing changes or happens we need to let time take over and go along with the flow. But generally we do need to act quickly as Yes, time does not wait for anyone and what ever happens the clocks keep on ticking and life goes on 🙂


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