I wanna laugh again.. 

Dear so and so ”..if I was gonna start off that way, it would be meanest address I could give to anyone who needed a pat on the shoulder… But well.. 

Dear me and you, who feels like you’ve hit the rock bottom… You’d find it ironical that I  laugh not because I wanna laugh but when I  do it, I do it so well that I find myself laughing all over again whenever a tear hits the ground… 

There are times we want people to tell us that it’s gonna be okay… Maybe people that we don’t even know… There are times we want people to  show that they care… Maybe even just a little.. Atleast for it all to feel like it matters… But, if you’re looking for someone to tell you that it’s gonna be okay.. Then that person could be you.. 

I wasnt so sure about that self centered word… YOU’ until  I finally realized that nobody else could perfectly fit into your shoes like you would… Then for a second I realized that I’ve spent so much time being selfless… Which may or may not be a good thing… I mean, how about we just step back into our monsters and challenge every minute of our living??  

How about finding reasons to laugh when deep down inside us has hit it’s breaking point?? Life isn’t all that complicated… People are.. Perhaps if we wouldn’t have to get tied along with it, it wouldn’t have to feel so mean… Or maybe if we stopped believing that life is a vale of tears, we’d all start laughing so hard that our hearts would have no idea of what it means to break and scatter… And personally… I  wanna laugh again… I wanna laugh when I’ve hit the rock bottom and know there’s no hope… I wanna laugh when I’m at my breaking point and know very well that my feet are sore to walk another mile… I wanna laugh when people tell me I can’t make it… I  wanna laugh, because that’s the only thing I do best.. And when I  do it, I’m so confident that you wouldn’t see through the scars of a beaten soul….. 


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