I wanna learn

Before I learn to walk I wanna crawl… Before I crawl I wanna learn the art of seeing and not judging.. Before I judge I wanna understand…

Before I hate I wanna love… Before I  love I wanna get rid of the mediocre hatred in my system.. 

And before I hate I wanna be vanquished beyond the possibility of love.. 

Before I point fingers, I wanna criticize every faltering step I make… And before I make a step I wanna learn how to  stand… I don’t wanna lean on you, you may as well get tired… I don’t wanna hold your hand, you might as well let go… But before I walk, I wanna stand on my own… I wanna fall and dust off, stand and fall again… Because gravity is a bitch.. But I love her… I wanna stand so strong till situations and catastrophes cannot sweep my feet off the ground… 

Before I act, I wanna think.. .i wanna evaluate every bit of it all and make a calculated move… But before I make a move, I wanna know that I’m doing it right… So I won’t ever have to ask about where we had it wrong… 

Before I lay down and call it a day, I wanna stay awake and think of that one person… Before I sleep I wanna dream, try fathom a future I could never see.. And before I see the future, I wanna see the present… I wanna walk over the past, and that’s why before I walk over the past – I must learn how to crawl.. Then stand without a shoulder to lean on, make my first baby step… And learn how to walk…. 

But before I walk over the past, I wanna learn how to  forget… And before I forget, I wanna learn how to forgive… Before I learn how to forgive, I wanna learn how to love – and that’s why I have to get rid of the mediocre hatred in my system… Yes,,, before I do all these things.. I just wanna learn… 



  1. Yes we all need to learn. Learning is the best way to improve our lives. Even being Happy is an art, that need to be learnt and practiced. Almost everything has better ways of doing that we can learn and improve our quality of life. The Very Best of Luck with your learning. Many Blessings of Love and Light coming your way 🙂 ❤


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