‘Hope is what keeps us going,yet its what holds us back altogether’

Dear past,

I admire the nerves that you think you would crush me,and then an year later think you could show up on my porch trying to act all friendly like nothing happened….I mean,how more mean could you get?

Anyway,i wont cover it all in ‘dear past’,but this is to the people who have a talent in crushing people’s dreams,happiness and leaving unending scars on every part of us-a constant reminder that the past is real but we survived…


Remember when you needed them most but they went ahead and walked out on you?I mean,they made it feel like it was all your fault yeah?and your world came tumbling down like there was no more tomorrow for you?how could they?Then now guess what?THEY ARE BACK OR RATHER ARE TRYING TO FIT BACK INTO YOUR LIFE LIKE NOTHING HAPPENED!!!!!But here’s my advice to you ;

assumeThey left because they felt that you weren’t good enough to be in their lives….Simply because they are now back,don’t assume the fact that they hurt you coz you still feel those burning desires for them.Put your pride so high as to walk away from anything that is a threat to your tranquility and put it at the back of your mind that they hurt you out of their own free will.


just-walk-awayOne word is move on and dont look back,anything that costs your peace is too expensive…and there is always light at the end of the tunnel…Walk away from anything that makes a tear fall,makes your nights shorter-and days longer….life is too long to live in misery….


Always remember that you are worth every happiness the world could offer,let nobody tell you otherwise…let nobody make you feel less of the person you are and however much you’re clinging onto that hope of things getting better-let go of that rope yoh pulling yet it has nothing to grab.

lol,don’t be around people who take you for granted and in return give a ‘GOD BLESS YOU’  and would never do anything to make you feel like you matter..I mean,its ironical that you would do so much for people who’d never reciprocate it and the much they’d do when you’re in dire need of their help is say a God bless you yet you’ve always been there at their slightest cry…!!!


Be kind enough to yourself to say enough is enough where everything feels hollow for’re a fighter,keep fighting and put your lighters up-point em skyward and light your own path because nobody  else could do that for you better than you can….



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