Mystic walls

​image source – Pinterest

Everyone is a tiny book of secrets… wanting to forget some previous encounters or simply as a weapon in a world of closeted venomous humans…

People will choose to make you believe what they want you to and we’ll tag along never realizing that we’d be cruising around with people we know totally nothing about their unveiled selves…

And as though they’re haunted spirits,you’d see them crawl behind walls into the night -where they’d think they’re safe from all the ‘zoomed in’ eyes…then you’d find them pacing on the roads,as though night is the hour to face our fears…yet some of us choose to walk in broad daylight-broken ; no more spares left for any of our broken parts,,all eyes on us..eyes that pierce right through our souls and eyes that choose not to see the shame that veils us – eyes that choose to believe the masked faces we wear ;how Innocent!!!

But that’s the intriguing part of It,,stepping on the edge and diving into the fear of the unknown .. because that’s the mystery that makes us crave for adventure..

Hearts that are completely broken..souls that are utterly intertwined with pain…and selves that adorn themselves in a necklace of pain so well that you’d think it’s a diamond neckpiece -people you’d think are invincible yet are at their breaking points….but funny enough we fail to realize that  The kindest souls could be the most trampled..her broad smile could be a broken one and his reaching to the edge could be the reason he sleeps behind counters ; feel the bile burn through his throat and watch his life blow up in a puff…. 
                          *  ********** *

The fears we don’t face become our limits …


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