​“Theres something real and true for the one who keeps searching

We’re all sojourners looking for something  we either lost..or something whose  arrival would be the fantasy we’ve lived off wishing on shooting stars ever since we were kids.. Something more like finding our destiny…the kind of adventure people would lose souls to and swap hearts for…and some people would search the greatest depths just to quench the thirst of knowing who they are..I’m one of them 

It’s not going to be easy,but you’ll make it..the road will be rough but you’ll make it because there’s something real and true for the one who keeps searching …
Let go of all the negative energy,focus and keep walking till a new day Dawn’s right before your eyes and when you get to your destiny,pass on the fire..and keep it burning ..for I believe there’s light in every one of us-you just gotta ignite the light and  point your lighters skyward…light up the world and let somebody know that theyre not alone  ; we’re souls intertwined and hearts interconnected…

Nothing sets such great serenity as knowing that there’s someone,if not people,out there for you…Nothing gives such peace as knowing someone says a prayer for you before they sleep …that someone would stay up late in the night thinking about you and wake up in the morning counting you as their blessing…

And if my destiny is what I’m set to finding- I won’t stay behind closed doors peeping over window panes …wishing I never did this or that…No,there’s no more time left for regrets..there’s no time to keep looking back,life’s so much ahead … Because there’s something real and true for the one who keeps searching….

And again…it’s not gonna be easy.You gonna have to make sacrifices,you gonna find yourself giving up-cursing and on the edge but whatever happens always remember that there’ll be them to put you down,criticize you and all manner of things ,but then there’ll be you to prove them wrong ….

Whatever sacrifice you gonna have to make today for tomorrow,its worth a shot…your tomorrow is much better than your today..and if tomorrow is gonna be any hard-youve already been through so much -you can beat it …because you’re a fighter,who must never stop for anything or for anyone…keep searching for whatever you wanna find…keep walking whatever direction that feels like there’s light at the end of the tunnel and while in that tunnel- rub all those dark sides till they light up…never give up -never lose hope….there’s so much tomorrow has in store for you if only you set your mind to it….

Its the quest!!!


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  1. Yes difficult roads often leads to beautiful destinations, and we need to keep on going ahead without stopping half way. Life is a journey so we do need to keep on going until we reach the end. Love and Light from me 🙂 ❤

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