The girl in a turban

Growing up gave her all the more reasons to face her fears…fears she never knew were buried deep within her….fears that would take her to a point of break ! I mean ,,how  much more does life get ?

One time you have nothing,the next – a positive avalanche pours in..just more than you can handle !!

Well.. instead of covering her pains,fears and aches – the story of her life,in a simple smile like most of us  ;she chose to cover it up in a turban…A turban that hid her actual look… I mean,thats all to her camouflaging power… Probably she had too much on her mind to let everyone read it out…or rather the thoughts going around her small head were too much , she needed to cover them up…. I mean,what more would make such a fine damsel cover her head in a turban??

And so scared was she…that the only places you’d find her curled up was on the floor,so cold.. but why ?? She was afraidafraid of heightsafraid to fall againAfraid to feel some warmth insideafraid to get hurt again…So she chose a cold hard ground to call home…but then,when he came around – sweeping her feet off the ground,making her feel something on the inside ; how could she just assume that??Screw gravity!oh yes… she knew if she lifted off the ground she’d fall…maybe hard and painfully..or maybe this time round she’d never lift off again if she fell …

So now,she’s torn in between removing her turban and lifting off the ground- face her fears.. fear of the unknown or simply let the cold eat her up till she’s no more but till then ,, she’ll just save an old spot in the place she’s always called home 😖😔 until she’s sure he can get her home – somewhere safe ….!!



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