Viral thread…

​Sometimes the place you’re used to, is not where you  belong,You belong where you believe in….You gotta learn to le’ggo in order to hold on…

The hardest part comes with letting go – marking new begginings  and having to totally conform and transform to a different world -away from what you know…

But that’s not even the whole of it – the hardest battle of all time is having to battle your own MONSTER …having to suppress it – learning to starve yoh ego,distractions,pride and most difficult of all,ATTITUDE.. I mean,do you ever have those times you reflect on all you’ve ever been and yoh like “daaaamn!I miss that old me….this new one sucks

Right now I’m stuck in a world where everyone thinks of themselvesself love,self esteem,self righteousness,self defense ….I mean ,,,,,it’s the ‘YOU’ pronoun…

For sometime,i had infiltrated myself with so much doctrines …so much paranoia , self-centered thoughts….and to be honest – people have thought for the longest time that our greatest enemy is maybe the terrorists,thieves,the devil,friends….name it,but if I were to be honest enough and tell you the truth ,,our greatest enemy is our own selves…..- the teachings we teach ourselves,our thoughts,our own doctrines……

Nothing is more dangerous than the monster you’ve created in you…it could do  the most DAMAGE than you could ever think ….

Who are you ?what are you when the world is loud asleep and nobody is seeing ??why do you pretend to be so preoccupied with yourself when that  ragged man walks up to you with a bowl and afew coins ??who are you despite the numerous praises people clothe you up in??

EXACTLY….the person in you that you’d hide from the world is who you are …but be careful – you radiate what you attract… You convey whatever  you RADIATE

I never saw it to this day that despite my physique,beauty and all there is to me physically,that someday I’d be struggling to fight whatever monster I have created in me…I mean,its like having to battle with your own self,fighting who you’ve been because you are a threat to yourself …nothing is more awful than that ….Imagine if it were physical – giving yourself countless blows and kicks …or even having to kill -all in self defense because you’ve threatened your own life… because if you continue being you – you’ll damage so much… you’ll destroy all there is to you –friendships,relationships,dreams…. EVERYTHING….

It’s a war I dunno if I’ll win…it’s a war that may get me injured and bruised….but whatever happens – I gotta be the me that people see…the me that has got you reading this piece…..the me that you think could inspire someone somewhere…. I wanna be the me that sometimes from now I’ll look at and say that the struggle was real…..

Beauty is skin deepbut attitude is to the bone

That attitude is what could either build or destroy you….and if you ever destroyed your life for being who you are – it’s unforgivable….it’s suicidal….it’s self murder……you got nobody else to blame but you….

“Everybody dies…but not everyone lives….It is not death that most people are afraid of…it is getting to the end of life,only to realize that you never truly lived..Many people think it’s dangerous to fly in planes,bit it’s alot more dangerous for a plane to stay on the ground … because on the ground it starts to rust,malfunction and wear  …”Dont stay on the ground,dont be content doing normal …doing the ‘you’…Yoh definitely better than that …every person was built to live out the dream they have inside…so it’s perhaps the greatest loss to live a life on the ground without ever taking off….Most of us are afraid of the thief that comes to steal our things at night,but there’s a thief in our mind who’s after our dreams- his name is doubt….’

You will fall many times,but who’s counting??just remember,there is no such thing as a smooth mountain,if you wanna make it to the top then there are sharp ridges that must be stepped over .. There’ll be times you get stressed  and things you get depressed over …but you gotta keep going… struggle and criticisms are prerequisites for greatness…..pain is life,but you can choose what type…either the pain on the road to success or being haunted with regret …

Yoh not defined by yoh past..instead yoh born anew in each moment,so own it now…”



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