New begginings often disguise painful endings..

Sometimes things are tougher than we are…it’s okay to breakdown,cry,scream,take a goddamn trip to a crazy town if you need to – just don’t build a HOME there…

Learn to accept life for what it is…try be happy as much as you can – you never know how much time you have left..

Don’t force anything that’s beyond your power …do your best,if it doesn’t work out – don’t seek closures…just move on ; Sometimes it’s better to let go without a fight and let them continue believing that you’re still holding on..

If one thing falls apart – great things are coming your way…just don’t limit your happiness because one door’s closed…

Often than not,when one door closes; another opens,but oftentimes  we’re stuck on the closed door…Stop searching for happiness in the same places you lost it -the earlier you learn that,the better…

Second chances are not always applicableMove on and continue hoping for the best ;Miracles happen everyday :D:D…



  1. Yes we do have to keep on moving. Also when one door closes there can be a choice of many other doors. The more you let go of what does not work for you, the more things and people, come in that work for you better. Yes Miracles do happen to those who believe in them. Love and Light from me 🙂 ❤

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