Bon voyage..

Doesn’t matter how it started…what matters is how it’s ended… who’s been there,not who left -Our destinies ain’t tied to the ones that leave us..

Altogether,2016 has been a rough ride but well,to hold it together when everyone else would understand if you gave up is a true strength..

Alot changed – but for the better…good things break apart so that better things can take place..Most of us loved and lost,but then ;I’m convinced beyond all doubt that nobody loses anyone because we simply own no one…if you lost ,it’s only because nature was taking its course…If it’s meant to be -it stayed but if not,it left….and the best part of it all is that life has a funny way of moving on just when you’d believed that it would never work out…

As we cross over to 2017 atleast we’d have learnt from all the mistakes we made… Making mistakes is better than faking perfection -the sooner you learn that,the better…Nobody is perfect and nobody deserves to be perfect….but our imperfections make us perfect…


Anyone who’s made it to this end knows that it hasn’t been easy -it has been a series of Laughter and tears … but then nothing bad lasts,happiness is always around the corner 😊


Hold onto those who wanna stay and le’ggo of those who wanna walk away….And if you have to force it,leave it ALONE ;not everyone you lose is a loss 



  1.      There are no regrets,only lessons learned
  2. Don’t let your fear of change ruin your chances of happiness
  3. Someone in this world needs you more than you know
  4. You’re someone’s role model,however much you dunno them ….but there’s atleast one person who adores you and looks up to u
  5. Train yourself to le’ggo of the things you’re afraid to lose
  6. Life’s challenging but also beautiful
  7. Don’t let yesterday’s mistakes Rob your hope for tomorrow
  8. Everyday is a gift and an opportunity to grow
  9. Your laugh brightens someone’s day
  10. Le’ggo of the things you can’t change 


Thumbs up to my readers 👍
I take this opportunity to thank everyone who’s taken time to go through my blog ever since I ventured into this journey …Thanks for the support that’s encouraged me to keep going .. Amongst them deepanilamani,pawan,mindperceptions,Amo Ibrahim,Dk Macharia (gave me a few tips to start up a blog) and many others…I’m grateful 😊😊

I wish you all a blessed 2017. ..



  1. Thank you so much. I m honoured that you consider me as valuable support to you. I will be with you all the way. My name is Light ~ I am the shadow when there is light and the Light during darkness. I am there for you all the way along your journey, until you stand straight and tall, ready to take on the world. It does happen. Those who take the challenges positively bounce back stronger. You can contact me on anything if you need guidance as a mother a teacher I would be very happy to help, it need not be published here 🙂
    I wish you the Very Best. You Will succeed. I wish you many blessings of Love, Light and Healing Energies. And a Very Happy 2017 ❤

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