xsmall-img“Whatever battles you’re fighting,take God with you to the battlefield”

Its not gonna be easy but its worth the struggle.Nobody has their journey as a crystal stair ;we all have it rough and tough…its not always all smiles but for those who know what it means to see a new dawn,there is hope…

Hope is that thing that teaches you to hold on when you wanna let go and to let go when you wanna hold on…Hope is that indefinite thing that lets your eyes burn red…Hope is that stubborn thing that tells us that despite all evidence to the contrary ,better things await  us only if we have the courage to keep on dreaming,reaching out and to keep on fighting…but many atimes we hope for the wrong reasons.


At times hope makes us hold onto the things that break us;we do more harm to ourselves by holding on while its easier to let go…If it steals your peace then its too expensive…if its less than you deserve,let it go and always remember that you’re worth what you settle for..

All catastrophes that tag along as a result of your choices,you deserve them because you settled for that but if it makes you question your worth,let it go.That moment you start wondering if you deserve better,you actually do.


Life is so much ahead of you.Whatever feels heaven for you today wont probably count in the next decade.Infact,see sense outta it that,the people you would die for today wont probably mean a dime in the next three years.

Step outta the comfort zone of hoping for the wrong reasons and again,NEVER LET YOUR FEELINGS GET IN THE WAY OF SEEING THINGS THE WAY THEY REALLY ARE…Choose to have it different and set your priorities right but remember that when you choose to have it different,it will never be the same…Same is normal,normal is routine and routine is boring -get on that Adventure ship and sail,BON VOYAGE…!It  doesnt  always have to be the same again,let life fall into place and set its own course….DONT INTERFERE WITH NATURE…!




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