Read out loud..!

​“Dont dwell in the past, it will only cover your eyes from seeing what’s  standing right in front of you..”

While all the stop signs read danger,don’t go least turn right then left before u make a move..

Its okay to break down a little – everyone has a breaking point.. Its okay to laugh,cry or even take a trip to a goddamn crazy town if it makes you feel better ; but just don’t build a home there..

Its okay to feel a little pain too because sometimes pain is the only loyal feeling we know…it’s also part of the natural process …and every situation prepares you for something greater…

Laugh a lot,smile more and remember that someday you’ll look back at all these and it will all look funny because truly,the heart does heal…and more often than not,it’s better to have loved and lost than not to have loved at all…

Most times,when we lose people – it could be God’s way of saving us from whatever jeopardy we could be in..don’t go chasing after them ;let go of what’s already gone and what you can’t change… Let things be

And if it hurts just a little or much when letting go – remember that whatever joy that comes with the relief of letting go of the toxic is as  much fold ….So if it hurts a little,well we can only count …

And always remember that its a matter of time because bad times don’t last . .no situation is permanent – its only for a while and then you’ll smile again..

Forgive more and don’t let what they did to you fade the smile on your face..Nobody said you’re not good enough – if they felt so,its only because you’re way much than they deserve..Dear,they can’t handle you..and if you felt like you deserved better, its only because you allowed yourself to settle for less…

As much as it hurts,wipe away those tears and smile again.. It will be okay but don’t let them be the reason that beautiful smile will be broken…Anyone who makes you feel less of who you are shouldn’t be in your life… Just let it go and sooner or later,life will make them realize that they were so wrong to ever let go of you and treating you so badly…

But again,don’t ever let your life wait for other people and if it hurts -don’t do it again ,..!



  1. Thank you for your article. As I write I am having healing energies in my right hand, and I hope you will feel much better than what you are feeling right now. I wish you all the best as always. Many Blessings of Love and Light to you. God Bless 🙂 ❤

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