Give Gratitude Always…!

​Few of us take time to say thank you for all the things life has bestowed upon us because most times,we spend complaining about the things life hasn’t given us.

I mean,we take everything for granted…but come to think of it – not even the air that you breathe is for granted …

Imagine you’re drowning,whats the one thing you’re in dire need of??

True.. Life gives us second chances to be what we want to be..Every new day is God‘s way of saying BECOME..
Most of us have the notion that we’re lucky enough to be alive because we should be alive,but that’s where we get it all wrong..

Life is not obligated to anyone …life didn’t choose you because you have all it takes but because there’s a greater purpose for you.

If you can read through this,I mean – if you’re alive today its because God still thinks there’s something big out there for you…

Don’t waste a single minute




So,whatever situation you’re in…give gratitude always.Life is the only place that you’ll find doors engraved ACCESS GRANTED,TO LET,ENTRANCE,EMERGENCY

Life has given you an access to walk right through your dreams,it lets you accomplish your greater purpose, its an emergency exit whenever you feel you need to get outta that wrecked train and live again like there’s no tomorrow..

Learn to give gratitude always …the future is the one thing life has disguised – its not ours to see

And whatever you do,give it your best shot for you never know  how much time you have left…!


“Your smile still lingers in the chambers of our memories Grace,there shall still linger the communion we forged and the feast of oneness we partook of..Your memory is a treasure…!”


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