Today I speak…

So,today I speak!

I speak to you….to you who’s known the pain and horror of being pinned to the ground and see your innocence get robbed…To you who the critics said “Its your fault …after all you wear clothes that start too late and end too soon”

But now I ask – what does dressing have to do with that 2 year old defenseless girl who cries every night at the memory of the horrid and vivid ordeal???

Today I speak to you…to you who’s had to lock yourself behind doors because they said you weren’t pretty enough to fit in their click…

I speak to you who they told you couldn’t sing on live stage because your looks weren’t fit for the cameras…

Today I speak to you who when they see that bowl by the roadside put up a charade and pretend to be occupied by the earphones shoved into their ears …and when a coin rolls over you grope it in grotesque gratitude ….

Today I speak to you who had to parade alongside dark lanes to fend for children who cannot look twice at you because you contracted the deadly disease… Forgetting that you did that because of them …

Today I speak….yes I speak to you – to Rejection …to the rejected 

And I speak to you because its not everyday you wake up and someone tells you you’re beautiful or handsome ..but please let me be the one to say it..

To you who they said you werent pretty enough – someone falls in love everytime you smile even without your knowledge …you could be nothing to them but you’re everything God had in mind…His image 

To you who they said you weren’t good enough for cameras – I’m sure one day you will appear on the biggest screens…because there’s definitely something you can do better than everyone else – identify it…

To you who remembers the horror of stolen dignity and hates  the sight of men – wounds heal but the scars remain to remind us that the past is real and you survived it….tell your story out loud ..and let it go – its not your fault ….write up your story and let the world read ….

Walk on and then however lonely you feel – you’ll hear faltering steps behind you because without a doubt you’re not alone ..its a world of many people.. Similar experiences… Same hardships …just listen to their stories and then you’ll know that in whatever situations we walk into feeling bitter and in denial – rejected ,sometimes you’ll hear something – a voice maybe…a story ;almost like the one you’ve bound somewhere afraid to share ….but,there’s always that one person willing to listen …because no matter how dark things get or how lonely  – you’ll never walk alone …somebody follows behind with a story….just listen !!!!

I speak….!



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