Easter Goose…!

Sometimes I wonder …

Why the caged bird sings…!why when it breaks out,flies away never to return….why there is so much dread behind prison bars….I mean,what would make Michael Scofield break out of prison ??


But what is freedom to a free man who knows that a death sentence awaits him ??

What is freedom to an innocent man who silently is led like an animal to a slaughterhouse without a plea for justice…??

I mean,why didn’t he just run away when he knew what awaited him??coz it makes me wonder ….

And what was more than for him to be laid on the cross…only to discover that at that point in his life,he was on his own…??with a loud voice he cried  “father,father..why have you forsaken me”???

Anyone who hasn’t had this revelation wouldn’t even understand the amount of pain he underwent. ..I mean,at that point in life you need someone to tell you its going to be okay…but then even the closest turned his face on him….!

It wasn’t easy …

The son of a king hanged up on a cross…stripped…whipped… In shame… But he still took the blame 

But you know what the best part is ???When everyone …and I mean  everyone had deserted him…when even the spirit of the father had left him – he descended into hell  as a  MAN….and at that point in life when everyone would understand if he gave up ,the son of man fought darkness and conquered death …He rose again…..!I call that Freedom ..!

If only we could comprehend the magnitude of what this Man underwent to prove his love for us,we’d never live our lives so selfishly …!

A man who was a prisoner of his destiny bought us freedom…!Yet I wonder how a caged bird still sings…yes! Because there is hope for tomorrow….

The sun will rise again…..!The flowers will bloom and When that stone is rolled away …I hope you’ll be among those who’all be going  to perfume his body ….May your encounter with Jesus be so real that you’ll run and share the news of his resurrection…..!Because this easter goose brought us resurrection power on the inside….!



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