Separation is painful…but when God removes some people from your life, don’t go running after them…sometimes the people you need most are those you’re best without …!

God would never separate you,only to leave you halfway the mile..When He tells you ‘depart!‘,he has a place in mind for you…

A painter has an image in his mind..a poet has a feeling to write down…I mean,Behind every single happening – there’s an idea orchestrated by God to fit perfectly into  the rest of the puzzles…

If you find some pieces missing in your life – don’t try filling in the sudoku on your own….Every maze runner needs to master the art of losing the way at some point,fear of the unknown but one thing – no matter how lost you feel,don’t go back…

Even when in that storm…hang on,the sun will rise again … Though sometimes its better to cry in the rain,because when you do – nobody sees the tears ….

If you need to grieve,don’t hold it back … You’re human – allow yourself to feel some pain because after this phase of your life – you will mount on new wings…

If you need to take walks alone to clear out your head,do it…sometimes there wont always be someone to hold your hand …

Do what you gotta do – as long as you master the art….

You are your own masterpiece …its your canvas,paint it however you want to…. As long as the colours blend….if it doesn’t turn out as expected,don’t give up…use a different brush and this time round please don’t mix the paints…..!!And if nobody likes the painting,hang it up on your wall – that way,it will be a reminder of your past mistakes ..but again,there are no mistakes – it’s lessons learnt ….!

Never feel bad – if it allows you to learn…Never cry – if you had a chance to try….Never question – He knows the plans He has for us…..

Lastly – never curse and if those bitter words make a tune,play a sad melody…Rock on those keys until you bring yourself to believing that life brought you its worst …Force yourself to love the song but if it don’t,you can always make a cover .. ..!!! 



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