LOVE on the cross

Woman,behold,your son!” Then he said to the disciple,“Behold,your mother!”

                          John 19:26-27

That has been the most powerful verse I came across today….Even at an hour most of us would like people to hold our hand or rather pity us – Jesus still believed that he had to be on that cross for you to SMILE  through your struggles…!

I mean,I can hardly fathom out what great love would make a father send his only son….what greater love would make a king step out of his glory to live in the streets of a foreign land …

And what intrigues me most is that even to date – no greater sacrifice can save mankind …

Love on the cross had to be Christ enduring 5 piercings …5 is the number of grace – that grace,brought us love …

But what is love to a heart that has been broken so many times ???we crucify him every single day with our deeds ….yet its ironical that most of us would die to revenge for the numerous heartbreaks we’ve been put through by our lovers… But Christ still loves us anew every day…

Hey you !!why does it pain you so bad when he cheats on you with your bestfriend yet,it doesn’t pain you when you cheat on God with your boyfriend….???? 

Why does it pain you when that thief steals your expensive watch yet it doesn’t pain you when you indulge and steal God’s gift of purity ??

Why is it so easy for us to curse God in our worst times yet He’s been through hell and back for us ??? He too suffered in the flesh  (1pet 4:1)

And funny how we question Him even in the loss of our loved ones….“God,where were you when this happened???” and the many other questions we ask in grief….Well,He is right at the same place he was when they mercilessly crucified His own son.. In fact, it pained him so bad that He had to turn away His face…He knows what you’re exactly going through ….!

Well..maybe I should be the one to tell you this so that you’ll always remember…- at that point in life you feel like He’s turned away his face from you and things are getting tough,He is really never away…in fact He’s closest to you,carrying you on His back – that’s why you can’t see His face…but he’s right there with you…!

What love!!!


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