Two pennies 

You start being happy the day you start believing that you’re  happy.. 

You stop looking for love from other people when you realize that you’re beautiful from depths beneath  the physique and layers of your opal make up…

You start loving your gait the moment you realize that somebody is crippled and would give anything to walk again…

You stop complaining about the colour of the shoes they bought for you when you in fact realize that somebody in some wretched streets lacks both feet…

You stop complaining about the intensity of your melanin when you hear stories of  an albino telling of their self esteem struggles …how they cant go a step without people staring …

And when you realize all these things you learn that …there’s absolutely nothing to take for granted – the friends we have,the little things people do just to show they care,a hug to show affection ,a simple text to know how your day has been…..its nothing to take for granted….

Love when you can – give your all…”he loved us too while we were sinners ”

Don’t grumble …if it needs you to be there,just help

Because the little things we take for granted could mean the world for someone…
“Love the life you live and live the life you love ”


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