Ride on..!

​Stop giving people too much priority while the most they do is give you a lift and tell you to hop  on the front seat next to them….oh how I wish they gave you the back left…..!

The moment that vehicle throttles into a dark street,your destiny is terminated….

What I’m saying is this – keep the people who know that you’re not just any random person, you deserve the back left seat…..and your destiny is so precious ….
Don’t allow yourself to be carried away by time and tides – in fact,time is fleeting…shadows gathering and moments passing too… Stop looking for satisfaction where you cannot find it ….stop looking for happiness in the same place you lost it …!!!!and stop existing,start living…So please,don’t waste another day because there is no rewind,no replays and no restarts – because these moments we have now are so precious and we’re only one breath from eternity…
How you live your life today determines how you’ll spend your eternity….Ain’t nothing like YOLO..!

These bodies are mortal,but your spirit is immortal …..!

So,lemme be the “girl in the train” (bet you’ve watched the movie) and tell you this  ;
The ride wont be the best thing ever but if it clears your head and gives you a new dimension of life  everyday,mark your seat….know where you stand in people’s lives and generally, life itself…

How you handle the situations in your life will be determined by how and what you think of yourself …people carry you the way you carry yourself …I’m telling you that, the magnitude of the whole idea of yourself is so great that people don’t need to study you an entire lifetime – I mean,why is it so easy to bump into a stranger and they’d be like “hey,you look like this and that type of a person ” – first impressions

Though they may not always be right,but in some or rather for me – In most cases they matter because they carry a weight in them …
Anyway,my point is….take only the things you’ll need for the journey ..Don’t pack too many stuff that you won’t need – same way,don’t tag along too many people that won’t help you achieve your purpose at the end of the day…

**You start by defining who sets your principles/standards and why….then you set your priorities right and finally strive to achieve your purpose…**

If your priorities are not right…80% of the time people will dictate how you go about your stuff …

Stop spending your time chasing after people – infact,count 2 years from now..the people you’d jump in front of a train for will probably not mean a thing …come on,you can do much better than that.. And hey,its your Mercedes… Don’t let them drive it for you…oh!unless,they’re your chauffer ..otherwise – they’ll just crush it…!


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