Coming back to you..

Well…“I’m sorry” shouldn’t be the first thing I say to you…but please, lemme do the talking …For once,lemme be the one to correct my mistakes…
(**clears Throat **)

Well ;

“I’m sorry I wasn’t ready to treat you well..I didn’t know love was meant to be selfless…I didn’t know my pain had control over my actions…I didn’t know how far away I was from myself and how that distance kept us miles apart…

I’m sorry for all the times I hurt you by not listening… For all the times I chose to go by uber…while you offered the back seat of your limo …”

 So hey …Dear reader,

How many times dyu take sometime off , just to have some you time ??I mean how many times have you spent countless days out with buddies..yet,NOT  a single day to search your soul (what I call being at-one-ment)- at least know what you like, what irritates you…or maybe try paint something different  from the Monday blues,The Friday night outs…and the boring Sunday afternoons …!!

I mean….when’s the last time in like two years you sat yourself down for some pep talk ?

Well…today just got me thinking about how my life has changed so much with or without my notice friends,school work inundating,balancing character …I mean,so much happens  in such a short span of time….And my point is:

However much you meet new people or probably have your circle surrounded with the coolest guys,never forget that you’re the closest person there’ll ever be to you…

However much  they tell you they love you, no love is great enough to die on the cross…

However much you break up with people,you must never break up with yourself ….the most profound relationship is the one you have with yourself …😃

And before you love someone …love yourself so fiercely that any other person who walks into your life will know how to do it…

Before you ask to surround yourself with the funniest people…learn to live through your loneliness until you learn to love your company….but never let loneliness be an excuse to get into a relationshit – whatever’s yours will truly find you…If it doesnt work,don’t force it…forcing it is like shaving your head and using the same pencil you use to draw your eyebrows, though this time round,to draw a hairstyle on your head….And of course ,that’s stupid…!You’re not that desperate …😊😊

Just come back to you…talk to yourself sometimes…set your priorities right then tell yourself if that’s the direction  you wanna sail…Bon voyage….!!!



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