Against the odds…!

Today I kicked off with what I thought would be May’s biggest challenge for me…Its funny how I’d be such a sociable dame but at the same time Xenophobic …Haha! I get amused by this different kettle of fish altogether….


To me,introversion has been an antiquity or rather a kind of relic …They say old habits die hard, but well – here comes adventure ;a kind of expedition I wanna go on…I’m embarking on a kind of journey I wanna hear peoples’ thoughts,feelings -dunno,I just wanna feel what it feels to be other people ..

Perfect strangers

These little things …Like I remember this one instance I texted a simple I love u to like all my contacts and everyone was like β€˜uhm,Judy is everything okay?

😝😝I mean …I’m coming from a point of snubbing people in my whatsapp inbox and giving them that cliche of  “Sorry ..I’ve been busy ” while I know so well I just didn’t feel like responding ;

I’d say I’m a bad texter but I make time for people I love…just that people don’t need to flood our inboxes with messages every time …come on, if you got a nice movie -just come over – crack jokes and laugh at almost everything and nothing …let’s take walks,random selfies and at the end of the day,I’ll tell you how awesome you are…!!πŸ˜€πŸ˜Š

I love people…I get excited about new friends ….let‘s meet,go out for movies,sit on the road and watch the sunsetthen when the moon and stars come outIll lay down and recall all there is to smile aboutand only then will I realize that youve warmed my heart enough to miss you…



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