It’s time… 

I know the constant reminder of what he did to you is still a drenching resentment towards him… I’m sorry you trusted him with your all and I’m sorry she turned out to be  everything you thought she never was… I’m sorry,i know you gave your all… But in turn when you needed them the most they said they never asked for your kindness… I’m sorry they took your kindness for weakness… 

I’m sorry that  the  only reality you knew turned out to be your worst nightmare… And when you walk in streets and see them holding hands – I’m sorry it still pains you.. .

I know that the sight of any creature creeping in trousers scares the  hell out of  you – they robbed your innocence ; I’m sorry.. 

I’m sorry you don’t like her other face – or should I say, her other mask covered in her L’Oreal true match foundation because it reminds you of every lie Kayla hid behind her beautiful smile… but maybe you never thought of it as – the reason she spends her all on makeup,  is because they told her she was never good enough.. And at the end of every day before she tucks in to bed, she’s forced to remove every ounce of fake reality  and every bit of who she is not but has to be … Maybe you  don’t know that she dies a thousand times everyday when she walks out of her steel cage – her small house, where she’s only real to herself and  walks into the confirming reality of  her never being good enough for anything or anyone… 


But hey, enough of the apologies… 

I know he hurt you.. I know she lied.. I know you still have it all vivid at the back of your mind -and now, I’m tired of being your human diary for all the times you’re sad.. I know that you still wish you never met her, I know you still wish that he was never the one who took it all away, I know you still wish that you could get over your addictions and come out Clean and I’m here, with only 3 words –ENOUGH OF THAT

Nobody chooses where to be or where to be born, but you choose how you wanna survive there… 

Cast it all down, it’s time to stop walking around with buggages of disappointment, anger, bitterness… Dump it all at the feet of the person who says that  His yoke easy and His burden light.. it’s time you stopped fighting battles that don’t belong to you!!!! 

Move on…!! 

Jesus at the centre of it all 😃😃



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