Silent guest 

Say, the world’s asleep but I’m stuck here peeping through the window – hear if crickets gon’ come out like they always do…neighborhood so peaceful …once in a while, hear some drunk guy stagger home singing songs he pro’lly heard in Father Jijo’s mass… 

And so I’m here,staring into the confirming reality of the tangible darkness and for a moment I reach out for one of the candles right above my fireplace – light it up, see my dark silhouette and for a moment  I realize that this has been the silent guest  that’s been listening to my thoughts.. 

How??I thought at the end of the day we all come home tired -all w’want is some good  bath and really nice food and someone to listen to our day’s  shenanigans!! For a moment, I bang my table and bite my tongue,at the realization that most times we go looking for people to listen to us yet we have our inner selves right there -and lemme tell you this however bad it feels, or however quiet and sad – you can always talk to that silent guest And whisper a little prayer ’cause you’re never alone… Someone’s always listening – either you or the Mightiest of all..

So I lower myself to the coldest end of my carpet ..say to myself – 

Darling, it’s been quite real ..and tough maybe but hey, tough moments dont last but tough people do.. ”

I mean, it’s one of those quiet nights you wish you’d just have friends over – play PS and remind each other of all the memories you’ve shared… Anyway, take this for free – it’s not always that life‘s gonconform to your wishes ..there are times its gonna be just you – and ain’t no good time like time with yourself… 

Sometimes loving yourself means you gotta    take yourself out to some godamn expensive restaurant and try out some new delicacy, sometimes  it means you gotta go window shopping for stuff that’ll probably take 10 years to buy.. 

Sometimes it’s all about buying yourself a bunch of flowers and white chocolates and sit under the moon and a thousand stars – then shout I love you!!!! 

Sometimes it’s nothing bouh Romeo and Juliet… Sometimes, it’s all about you… 

Sometimes it’s bouh how you’ve made people feel.. Your silly laugh, that one dimple you have to give the broadest smile for people to notice.. 

Sometimes it’s about letting yourself drown in your silliest memories… 

And you wanna know why?? 

Yeah sure you do..!! Because the most profound relationship you can ever have is the one you have with yourself.. You could break up with many people but you must never break up with yourself….!!!! 

Time to blow off my candle and tuck in to bed… But, always remember that you gotta have your back so badly because most times everybody is busy having theirs… Few got you, most be fronting….!! 



  1. “sometimes its all about buying yourself a bunch of flowers and white chocolates and sit under the moon and a thousand stars – then shout I love you!!!”

    yaaay! Imma camp out tonight 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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