10th letter 

Hey, I know this could be the 10th letter someone’s probably writing to atleast say sorry – but, I hope this sounds a little different… 

  • #You’re not to blame

See, sometimes life has its own course to take us through and since we were expelled from paradise – we’ve either been suffering, making others suffer or simply suffering along with them.. It’s just beyond  our control!!  Sometimes life takes us through the worst    so that when we pull out strong, someone else can have a shoulder to lean on when they hear of our past encounters.. 

  • #take it as it comes 

I love this Swahili proverb that says “yakija, yapokee” ..because there are some things in life that you cannot change.. There  are times you have to suck it up, and beat your chest and tell yourself that you will wake up from this nightmare and that’s because to survive in this life, you gotta be strong -there’s no ALTERNATIVE!! 

  • #when to draw the boundary

“Everybody dies but not everybody lives” I love how prince EA brings it out in one of his pieces. 

When do you draw the boundary and say enough is enough?? Ain’t you tired of living each day the same damn way?! Come on, get up – wipe those tears and put on some new attitude to face tomorrow! The sun will shine again… I know it feels as though you’re at the edge but hey, that’s because you’re no longer at your comfort zone and so you see, the moment you realize that life starts at the end of your comfort zone, you’ll have no choice but to bounce back and throttle down whatever dark street life drives you through. 

  • #key to happiness 

There is no key to happiness, happiness is always around the  corner. Happiness is knowing that things ain’t working out right for you now, but hoping against hope that tomorrow will be a new dawn.. But, I’ll tell you this -never put the key to your happiness in anyone’s pocket!! 

Stop living as though your life entirely depends on what your spouse, parents or friends have to say.. See, we live in a kind of a lost generation where we think of ourselves as lonely miserable beings who need to be told ‘I love you’ every morning so that we can feel as though we belong…! But I’ll tell you this for free -there is no greater love than that which died on the cross for you. .

And lemme tell you -people will only make you believe what they want you to hear.. You could live your entire life thinking you know someone till one day they pull out their masks and you’re left wondering what happened to everything you thought you knew about them… 

  • #choosing life

Stop living as though you’re dead!! The worst thing in life is knowing you can walk about, laugh and smile at the world but deep inside you’re dead, all that’s left is the maggots feeding on your esteem to walk with your head held high, Your self love.. 

Everytime you feel as though you’ll  jump infront of the next train -remember, there’s someone else who’s already done that and if they survived -its not close to any of their best memories.. 

It’s high time you started valuing every single breathe you take.. And always remember that you settle for what you deserve!!! If you’re stuck with someone who treats you bad, then that’s what you deserve because you settled for them… And sometimes the people we need most are those we’re best without.. 

You gotta summon all the courage that’s left in you, however much it looks hard -come face up the situation and know when it’s time to say enough is enough..  You deserve much better so stop using ‘but, I love him ’ as an excuse to be in the wrong kind of relationship..  If  they’ve spelled it out bold and clear that you don’t matter anymore, then it’s time for you to leave!!! Jump outta that train if it’s leading you to the wrong direction, else you’ll just crush and you’ll never forgive yourself…! 

  • #take God with you 

You know the reason why some of these things seem too hard for us?? Because we spend years fighting these battles alone.. So, next time you go to the battlefield take God with you.. Cast it all at His feet and let Him be in control

Sometimes you have to let go and let God… But remember, you’re far much worth and the most dangerous thing a plane could ever do is stay on the ground.. I know that sounds crazy because it’s likely to crash when it’s up there, but hey -on the ground it’s eaten up by rust and everything that’d cause it to malfunction.. Same way, the worst thing a person could ever do is stay on the ground and never take off to fulfill their destiny… 

It’s time to choose life…!! 

Many times we hold on so much to what God’s taking from us forgetting He’s already finished His own plans in our lives before we were born and start making our own plans. 

Sometimes we hold on very tight to old glories not ignorantly knowing we’re blocking the new blessings. 

Sometimes things fall apart in order to fall into place. Sometimes holding one does more damage than letting go. 

Sometimes God removes people from their comfort zones in order to take them to the promised land. 

And sometimes what looks like a miserable ending is actually a beautiful beginning…!! 


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