Well, I know someday will come.. You’ll be gone – and like everyone else that led the way – I’ll probably be at the front row wearing my white dress and black heels… And as I walk, I know I’ll probably trace every single bit of the memories we shared and I know for sure that, I’ll let a tear fall… Because that’s what happens when the reality of  Everyone is just a breath away from eternity hits us. 

I’ll cry at the thought of ever meeting you.. Allowing you to be a part of me… But I won’t cry because you’re gone… I’ll cry over all the memories we shared!  I’ll cry because I know the kind of person you are – such a big heart.. 

And when I read that tribute -it will probably head  :TO THE SWEETEST MONSTER I KNEW.. yeah, and friend, if you’d  have left earlier than I expected  you’ll  still be my best friend and we’ll  hide behind walls and scare the hell out of people at night… You’ll be my ghost best friend… But please don’t expect me to cry.. 

I won’t cry because then, you’d have left a legacy.. You’d have touched lives and your name will live on… 

But friend.. If you’re going to leave… Don’t make it too soon because I haven’t exhausted the times I need to say I love you everyday… 


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