The Bigger picture 

By now we all must be used to that cliché that life ain’t no crystal stair yes?? And again I’m here to tell you the same… LIFE AINT NO CRYSTAL STAIR but  for most times we step onto the next staircase with just a littu leap of faith… Yes, take the first step in faith, you don’t have to see the whole staircase.. Just a step of faith..! 

And it’s true, we’re almost like bats who see in darkness.. Wanna know why?? Because for almost half of our lives we live in our darkest hours where everything seems like it is in disarray… But, what keeps us going is that there’s light at the end of the tunnel… 

And when you find yourself in that dark tunnel, rub those parts so hard that you can almost feel like the Homo sapiens trying to invent fire… Do it, as long as those dark sides light up… 

As long as you carry the light in you, even darkness cannot cover you.. You’re like a city on a hill… And that light in you is so great that In whatever place you walk into, everything else converges to accommodate your presence… 

When things seem not to be working out well, be still and give Glory to God… Because there’s  a bigger picture that -all things work together for the good of they that love Him..


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