Sometimes it’s this and that… 

Interestingly,life moves from feeling like one moment you have nothing and then the next moment a positive avalanche pours in more than you can even handle… 

From talking to random strangers on terminals to falling asleep on the passenger seated on your left ,to laughing your life out with a bunch of crackhead silly friends… And that’s how it’s simply ‘posed to be.

From letting your pillow tell tales of how you spent last night in tears because nothing seems to be in place – but hey, good things fall apart so that better things can take place… And yes, things fall apart so that they can fall in place… And that’s the beauty of it.See,the people you think you’d jump in front of a train for won’t probably matter in the next three years, but well -depends, though that’s mostly the case. 

As life treads on, you realise that nothing’s permanent apart from God and everything else that you come across could be just a test to your love, patience and endurance. 

When you understand that life’s a test, you realize that nothing’s insignificant in your life. Even the smallest incident has significance in your character development ”

                                -Rick Warren 

 Life is beautiful.. With all the crayons -colour it up and see if the rain won’t wash it all away -faded!  Lol

Thing is, we have too many expectations on people.. But I’ll tell you this  – maturity is when you drop all the expectations you have in people and start giving for giving’s sake. 

 If it means loving your heart out, Just do it… The person who loves most wholeheartedly is the freest. I always thought of love as some kind of enslavement but there is no ounce of truth in it,  because we human beings are drunk on the idea that only love could could heal our brokenness.. 

Love could reach depths that nothing else would… And I’ll tell you this  – you will love so many times and you’ll be broken more than you can count.. You’ll have to die to yourself a thousand times everyday just to fend for that neighbor,brother,beggar,deaf guy…  Sometimes love is more than just holding hands..!! 

It is more than lighting up candles and kissing under a night of a million stars.. Sometimes it’s watching yourself cry at the sight of the little girl who’s dumped at your doorstep… Sometimes it’s telling someone that they’ll make it outta that care unit yet deep down you know very well that there is such a low chance of getting out alive..

Sometimes it’s holding onto that tiny faith and hoping against all hope.. And zooming into our own biases for everything to be on focus because someday haters will be defeated by lovers ,understanding will defeat judgement and then human potential will be discovered… 

Loving you is taking all the love I could never give myself and putting it to good use ..


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